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In the Edit slide window you can:

The settings changed here appy only to the photo you see displayed. It will overide your overall project setting for this one photo. Your overall project settings can be located in the top navigation bar of PhotoDVD: FIle | Tools | Settings | Help.

Rotate and delete photos
Using this tool bar located underneath the image you can use the blue arrors on the left and right had side to navigate through all your photos added to your project.
In this example you see the number 9/15 meaning you are editing the 9th image of your project and your project has a total of 15 images.

rotate Use these icons to rotate your photos clockwise or counterclockwise.

delete Use this icon to delete the photo you see from your project.

Black&White / Sepia editing
black&white Use these icons, in the tool bar beneath the image, to change your photos to black and white or Sepia.

Focus points
focus-point Use this icon to to put a focus point on your photo. Clicking on this icon turns the pointer of your mouse into a cross in order to mark a spot on your photo that you would like to bring attention to. The animation factors will take into account and place "naturally" this spot as the center of attention via special pan and zooming effects. Note: the fast preview does not taken into account your focus points, they are only created during the compilation/encoding process of your slideshow.

Add Comments to photos as subtitles
You have the option of adding comments to your photos. These comments will work like DVD subtitles. You can turn them on or off with the "subititle" button of your DVD players remote control. You can also add up to 3 different subtitle channels, just like a commercial DVD having a different channel for different languages. Most users just use channel #1 to add comment to the photos. You can use additionnal tracks/channels to write comments in another language or to add for example the place and date each photo was taken.
Clicking on the ... button will bring you to a font editor window called the Subtitle text style editor where you can change the font, color, and style of text.

Change animation options
animation-type Icons described individually below:

automaticPhotos will be animted automatically

staticPhotos will be static, not moving at all.

zoom-inPhoto will be zoomed in on, making space feel smaller.

zoom-outWill zoom out of center of photo, making space feel bigger.

bottom-to-topPhoto moves bottom to top

left-to-rightPhoto moves left to right

top-to-bottomPhoto moves top to bottom

right-to-leftPhoto moves right to left

Animation factor will make the animation type you set above to me more or less dramatic. This applies to all animation types except of course "static".

Animation duration is the total time a photo will be displayed on the screen. If you want the display time of this specific photo to be shorter or longer you can change that here.

Transition duration is the time in seconds of the transition between photos (they melt into one another). This process can be very quick or very slow, you are in control. The value indicated here is for the transition that comes before the image displayed in this window. I.E it is the transition in front of the image displayed, not the transition between this image and the following one .

Other buttons
On the top of the Edit slide window you will find the following buttons:

back Closes the current window to go back to the previous one, your list of pictures.

additional-properties Hides/removes the right side of the screen titled Options

subtitle-panel Hides/removes the bottom part of the screen titled Subtitles

apply&closeApplies the settings you changed in this window and closes this window, bringing you back to your list of photos.

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